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"I loved it so much I bought 10 copies! It will be my "new baby" gift from now on. It's never too early to start tapping those toes."

- Cathy M. from Berkeley

"There is nothing else like this in the children's musical/dance genre. The DVD/CD combo is an educational, fun and stimulating experience for children of all ages. My nine year old daughter loves the dancing, the singing, the costumes, the rhyming and the rhythm! Thank you for creating this collection."

- Teresa H. Boston, MA

"This CD is permanently stuck in our CD player (by request of the kids), and they've begun reciting the nursery rhymes to anyone that will listen -- complete with accents and sound effects. Our 6 year old and 4 year old love it! When company comes over, they "get onstage" and show off all the rhymes they've learned, dance and otherwise perform. Thanks for putting together such a fun CD, and especially one that we don't mind listening to as often as they want do. The voices, music and sound effects are perfect! We'll be handing out lots of copies to our family and friends."

- Jen and Eric Z. Seattle WA

"When I first "experienced" Nursery Tap, I was immediately overtaken with emotion. The rhymes were presented in the most magical way that brought me back to my childhood by creating a wonderfully colorful audio and visual fantasy with child-friendly choreography that kept my whole family captivated. Juleen Murray Shaw's enchanting voice and creativity lends itself to many happy requests to "play it one more time, Mommy!" What a treasure. I can't wait to see Juleen's next creation!"

- Maureen W. Gig Harbor WA

We played Nursery Tap for our three year old and he was instantly on his feet dancing. Brilliant!

- Randy and Elizabeth R. Los Angeles, CA

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